AI and machine learning are now essential for effective business and operational decisions. Successful media organizations rely on data-driven strategies to stay relevant and competitive, which requires continuous lifecycle management of global media and content libraries. 

DDN is the premier provider of AI and Data Management software and hardware solutions for data-centric organizations. Tintri, a DDN company, is the premier provider of Intelligent Storage Infrastructure for the enterprise. With DDN and Tintri, media organizations can automate creative workflows and accelerate video production. With multicloud agility and data mobility at the heart of the solution, our intelligent data management speeds video processing with faster ingest and parallel playout systems, while securely protecting all media assets – at all locations.

Media and entertainment-focused organizations benefit from the unique DDN and Tintri unified storage portfolio that spans across high-performance NVMe-based platforms to massively scalable parallel architectures, which power the world’s most demanding, data-intensive environments.  Our customers have accelerated AI workloads, Analytics and image processing by up to 10x, making sense of massive data models for timely, simplified content recommendation and a richer customer experience. Our intelligent data management solutions are used by more than 11,000 customers across media, government, life sciences and financial services sectors, and power 70% of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.

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