SnapStream’s news media video workspace enables seamless, easy access to the live broadcast TV, OTT and streamed video, and live events your organization uses most.

All in a single platform.

You pick the newsworthy content you want to record. We make it searchable, clippable, and shareable in real time so leading media organizations like yours can break news faster, earn more placements, and increase audience engagement.

You’re in Control.
Get the Content You Need Most.

SnapStream provides turnkey managed access to national broadcast TV sources like Fox News, CNN, and more. Need additional broadcast sources? SnapStream can connect to your antenna, cable, or satellite TV set-top box. Or go a step further and record any RTMP or HLS video source, including newsgathering services such as CNN Newsource and Associated Press, OTT channels, Twitch streams, and Zoom meetings.

No Transcript? No worries.

Generate searchable transcripts in real-time. Find, and clip newsworthy events and unlock the value of your video archive.

Use Transcripts To Find Video Moments

Find the key moment in a snap using the accompanying transcript. Click on any word to immediately jump to that moment in the video.

Find Any Moment In Your Video Archive

SnapStream’s deep video search lets you activate the full value of your video archive. Search your entire library of broadcast TV and video by transcript to find the precise moment you’re looking for.

SnapStreams’s simple clipping tools are easy to learn and easy to use, perfect for users without video editing experience. Create the perfect, frame accurate clip.

Fast Tweeting

With support for multiple Twitter accounts, text overlays, video cropping, GIFs, and emojis, you’ll be able to Tweet at the speed of Twitter to help your message go viral.

Let Us Save You A Click

With more than 20 integrations, SnapStream hasn’t met a workflow it doesn’t like. All so you can publish faster and with fewer clicks.

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