SLB No.1 6G LEO Ground User Terminal (Auden Techno Corp)

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Auden Techno devoting to Advanced Research Designing and Manufacturing of Radio-Frequency Product, is a Leading Integrated Total Solutions Provider of 

  • High-performance embedded antenna & module designing technology  
  • Distributing EM, RF software/hardware measurement equipment and chambers solutions 
  • Function-testing, Debugging and Verification Services

for wireless communications products.  

SLB No.1 6G LEO Ground User Terminal

  • Ku-band User

Auden Techno.:

subsidiary company Auray OTIC Lab :

Product Specs

  • 32×32 Antenna Array with 2D beam scan capability
  • Programmable beam direction via Ethernat interface
  • Left-hand circular polarization in transmission
  • Right-hand circular polarization in reception
  • RF Frequency Range 14-14.5 GHz / 10.7-12.7 GHz
  • IF Frequency Range 4.05-4.175 GHz / 1.85-2.1 GHz
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