Report-IT Enterprise


Report-IT – The World’s Most Popular Remote Broadcast App

Go live first with the multi award-winning Report-IT app which turns your smartphone into a pocket-sized high fidelity IP audio codec and ultra-slim high quality audio recorder. At the touch of a button broadcast live over cellular networks or Wi-Fi from any remote location to an IP codec in the studio. Perfect for newsgathering, remote broadcasts, or two-way interviews, simply connect earphones to your phone and hear studio communications and program audio in real-time while broadcasting live.

Use it to stream live high fidelity audio to the studio, record 20kHz quality audio files, and FTP audio files to a server in the cloud. Features include SmartStream PLUS redundant streaming, file playlists for live playback, URL link login authentication and more.

Why Do Engineers Love Report-IT Enterprise?

Engineers can configure user connections remotely from anywhere with an internet connection!  Plus…

* Rock solid security logins never expose IP infrastructure details to reporters and contributors.

* High fidelity 15kHz program audio and mix-minus audio quality.

* Greater reliability with SmartStream PLUS Redundant Streaming over cellular and Wi-Fi or MiFi devices.

* Digital WAV recordings deliver 20kHz audio quality.

* Edit recordings using 3rd party applications.

Why Do Reporters Love Report-IT Enterprise?

* Connect to the studio with a single touch.

* Log in automatically with VIP-Connect.

* Record and play back an interview when connected live.

* Automated FTP transfers of recorded files to news ingest systems.

Why Do Program Directors Love Report-IT?

Program directors love the flexibility Report-IT delivers:

* Perform live or tape sync interviews with politicians and famous people.

* Go live from an event or a sponsor’s business at the touch of a button.

* Record voice spots remotely.

It is interoperable with all Tieline IP codecs and Report-IT SIP is compatible using SIP with all EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 compliant codecs and devices like those from Comrex, Telos, and many more.

Product Specs

  • Broadcast low-latency 15kHz live two-way interviews.
  • Connect to the studio with a single touch of a button.
  • Prerecord interviews, trim them offline, then build a playlist and insert them as “wraparounds” into live crosses with the studio.
  • Send reports to the studio via FTP.
  • Connect using a VIP-Connect URL: securely log in and launch the app with a single touch.
  • Your Administrator can manage all users in the cloud from anywhere.
  • Scalable to suit the specific needs of small, medium or large organizations.
  • Reporters and contributors install the free app from the App Store© or Google Play™.
  • Reporters and Contributors have no complex settings to configure.
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