PlayRights – Smart Rights Management

Fincons Group

Fincons Group understands companies in the Media industry need more power and insight than today’s rights management solutions to manage content acquisition, rights out, catalogue, ancillary and elemental rights and royalties. Traditional solutions need to be augmented and complemented by AI and ML-based smart capabilities.

We believe strongly that a rights management solution should provide a measurable business impact helping in maximizing return on investment of every content asset over different services. That’s why our Rights Management solution looks further than simple data capture and reporting.

A design focused on streamlining key business transactions delivers immediately intuitive usability and less data clutter, which translates into an improvement of operational speed and, ultimately, customer success.

Available in SaaS, the solution plugs into customers’ systems to seamlessly integrating with existing application landscape, providing a unique and centralized enterprise-view of content rights.

  • AI-based automatic import of contract information
  • Recommendation engine to support exhibition and sub-licensing opportunities
  • Asset evaluation to support acquisition and selling processes by predicting best price range
  • API and workflow manager for internal
    and external exchange communication services
  • Native scalable cloud solution following the SaaS paradigm
  • Management of multidimensional primary, ancillary and elemental rights