LA-5300 – Broadcast Audio Processor

Telos Alliance


Watching TV is a very different experience than a decade ago. We can watch broadcast TV “off the air,” via our local cable provider, or via streaming. Media consumption continues to evolve rapidly with the world increasingly demanding an on-demand lifestyle.

Broadcasters—traditionally restricted to the confines of the TV “set”—finally have the options they need to compete when they adopt ATSC 3.0. That’s because in ATSC 3.0, for the first time ever, the broadcast platform is built on the same Internet Protocol backbone as today’s popular streaming media platforms, allowing broadcast to break free from the TV set and push broadcast to mobile, cars, gaming consoles…anywhere. ATSC 3.0 also allows Broadcast to play by Internet rules, bringing together Over-the-Air (broadcast) with Over-the-Top (streaming) content and giving your audience choice and an overall enhanced experience that they have now come to expect from competing media platforms like streaming.

The Linear Acoustic LA-5300 Broadcast Audio Processor provides everything broadcasters need to be ready for NEXTGEN TV/ATSC 3.0 audio, with the option of backward compatibility for ATSC 1.0 services. LA-5300, therefore, addresses the concern of aging out ATSC 1.0 infrastructure and future-proofs the way forward if you need to update to ATSC 3.0 today. All in a single, compact, integrated package that includes loudness control, upmixing, encoding, transcoding, audience measurement watermarking, and bitstream analysis for up to four simultaneous real-time program streams, along with a confidence monitor output.

Product Specs