Freedom KM Switches Supporting Glide & Switch

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A streamlined workspace with improved desktop ergonomics is essential to improve editors’ and directors’ production workflows. That’s why broadcasters around the globe rely on Freedom Multi-Monitor KM Switches. Hardware-based, they offer reliable operation that provides the ability to switch between up to eight computers simply by moving the mouse across the desk monitors.

  • Multiple Computer Control

Interact with multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse, while keeping simultaneous access to all video and audio sources.

  • Instant Switching

Switch between target computers by simply moving the mouse pointer from monitor to monitor.

  • Share Peripherals

Combine audio, share independently switched USB 2.0 peripherals or copy and paste files between the systems.

Product Specs

This KM Switch does not have to be connected to video interfaces, instead, the switch is connected to each computer system via USB. 

  • # of Computer Ports: 4- or 8-port versions available
  • USB: (2) USB 2.0 Type A, (2) USB HID Type A & (1) USB Type B per port
  • Audio: 3.5mm audio jacks
  • Multi-Head support: On Windows 7/8/10
  • Active Monitor Indication: Via optional LED-Hub and LEDs
  • Power Redundancy: Optional redundant power supply available
  • Mounting options: Desktop, optional 19″ mounting kit
  • Applications: Standalone solution or integration with Enterprise KVM Switching & Extensions systems
  • Order codes: KV0004A-R2 (4-port model) / KV0008A (8-port model)
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Ed Krach

Business Development Director - KVM & Visualization - Americas