Focusing LED Light S60

GODOX Photo Equipment Co., Ltd

To precisely control the beam to hit exactly and limited to wherever needed, with versatile functions for creatively light shaping and patterns projecting, that’s what Godox focusing light series are designed for. With S30 as a beginning, S60 is built into it to provide more lighting options for videography, interviewing, headshot, still life photography, portrait or any kind that emphasizes details or pursue artistry.

 Precise Control of Light Coverage

Beam angle from 6 to 55 degrees, you can get the ideal spotlight size by adjusting the rotary knob on the back. With a projecting lens (optional) light can be focused at its extreme. This controllability makes it perfect for lightening any details.

 Superior Lighting Effects

Powerful focusing strength

Aspheric optical lens grants S60 a more strengthened focusing ratio than Fresnel light. The light intensity of a focused spot is an increase of around 4 stops from flood one, adding a projecting lens makes an even more stunning performance, bright enough for working as an accent light or hair light. It also offers adjustable light brightness 1%-100% for more flexible control.

Even and smooth beam

With aspheric optical lens, S60 produces even light from center to edge.

 High color rendering  

CRI/TLCI rating of 96+/97+ guarantees the natural, pristine color in any application.

A Spring of Inspiration

Abundant accessories for light shaping

S60 is born for the diversify of light designing. With all the light shaping accessories, you can tailor the light into whatever patterns you like by bringing into your own creative thoughts.

 Barndoor set: to precisely control the light beam as required. There are small clips on the plate for clipping diffusion fabric or gels on.

Softbox: offers soft and even light effects

Scrim set: to reduce the light intensity and control the light graduation

Projection attachment: project a highly focused and controlled beam of light.  This attachment is what enables you to get the utmost out of creativity of S60 for it is specially designed for fitting a vast range of light shaping accessories.

Framing shutter: using framing shutter blades to form triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids and other shapes.

GOBO set: by inserting the Gobo into the projection attachment, different patterns can be projected to form various background. You can even have the gobo customized to design your own pattern.

Colors gels: to color the light for unique atmosphere.

Iris Diaphragm: By pushing its lever the range of light beam can be gradually adjusted, from a small spot that could be captured by your hand to the original size.

8 preset lighting FX for creative shooting

Silent Mode

In the silent mode, the fan is turned off to avoid any acoustic disturbance for sound sensitive environments. (Light intensity is decreased by half when the fan is turned off)

Power Anywhere

S60 comes with a separate controlling box which supports AC power supply and V-mount battery (optional), the later providing a reliable power solution for on-location shooting. This design separating control box from light body secures better cooling effects.

Remote Control

With built-in Bluetooth system, S60 can be remotely adjusted for the setting on a user-friendly APP “Godox Light”. It also supports RC-A6 remote control (optional) and DMX control mode.

Product Specs

Model No.


Power Supply

AC Power Supply

100~240V 50/60HZ 0.9A

V-port battery

Standard voltage: 14.8V (optional)

Output Power


Color Temperature


100% Illuminance(LUX)

(1m,darkroom) (≈)

Spot (Central Area)


Flood (Central Area






Brightness Range



32 (1 to 32)

Group (GR)

16 (A to F/ 0 to 9)

Beam Angle


Working Environment Temperature


Control Method

Smartphone APP/2.4G wireless remote control/DMX control

2.4G Wireless Transmission Distance(≈)


Dimension (≈)

Light body: 264*107*100mm

Controller: 268*113*64mm

New weight(≈)

Light body: 1.36kg

Controller: 0.94kg


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