Dalet OnePlay – Automated Studio Production


Dalet OnePlay is a new-generation studio automation solution designed to modernize live productions, increase audience engagement and open up new revenue opportunities while optimizing operational costs and reliability.

Modern UI, Better Collaboration and Workflow Orchestration

Dalet OnePlay’s modern and efficient web-based UI, which runs both on desktop and tablet, offers an intuitive experience to control all core production device types, including video switchers and servers, cameras, audio mixing consoles, graphics, lighting, routers and more. The innovative UI enables a unique mix of automated and manual workflows. Each editorial story is displayed in the form of a timeline that presents timed events that can run fully automated. In addition, users can add events to stories without timing information. These events can be controlled manually for playout and Dalet OnePlay will keep the log information about the manual operation for future use. This type of flexibility is useful for journalists or other staff who want to automate part of the workflow but allow the playout operator to manually control playout of spcific events.

While Dalet OnePlay is designed as a single operator tool that minimizes the resources needed for managing live studio productions, the core platform agility of Dalet Galaxy five propels a ‘friction free’ collaborative workflow where workgroups can interact with the studio operation team to craft and perfect the show even as it airs. This is especially important for audiences of live news and sports, where the story narrative is evolving and timely, detailed information spanning multiple screens is fast becoming a vital means of audience engagement.

Last but maybe one of the most important aspects is the native interactivity between Dalet OnePlay and the Dalet Workflow Engine. This is a very unique and powerful point of the value proposition. It enables producers and editorial teams to associate rule-based automated processes as a macro or secondary-event of the show. This means they can schedule and automate social media posts or any custom distribution workflow, with any element of the library, in synchronization with the show. For instance, a post teasing audiences on social media before a guest comes in, or a trailer with the best actions of the last games before a sport magazine starts. The options are limitless and will really redefine how audiences can be engaged on many devices before, during and after your show!

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