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With CrewCom, production crews large or small can now easily and quickly deploy communications solutions to connect more people in more places than ever before. CrewCom is an innovative approach to professional wireless intercoms, designed to handle almost any application from simple out-of-the-box solutions to large-scale designs for, live-sound, broadcast, and industrial environments. It is a versatile communications solution built on a highly scalable platform in which a family of products utilizes a proprietary network. CrewCom is also available in multiple frequency bands (900MHz* and 2.4GHz) as well as EU versions that meet European Conformity requirements for use in European countries. *only available in North America and Oceania

CrewCom is ideal for overcoming communication challenges such as tough RF environments, inconsistent coverage, and total users limits that many experience with traditional wireless intercom systems. Click here to see how CrewCom enables production crews to easily manage wireless user coverage.

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