CallMe diRECt

Vortex Communications Ltd

CallMe diRECt is a Browser-to-Browser IP Audio Codec which we proudly say was awarded NAB2020 Product of the Year.

It offers a solution to both Go Live from the Host’s computer plus end up with lossless recordings in case of connectivity issues for later repeats, pre-records and Podcasts. 

It is similar to CallMe Click-&-Connect by the host sending a link to the guest – except that it doesn’t have a hardware back-end but connects the Guest’s browser to the Host’s.   It also works remotely using the Host-Generated QR-Code to connect to the guest including over Zoom etc if you want a video connection, with the high-quality audio provided by CallMe-diRECt.

All Audio is end-to-end encrypted and only ever stored within the browser.

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Product Specs