5G Broadcast/Multicast

Rohde & Schwarz

Experience a new era in media delivery while enjoying very low latency and a higher Quality of Service with Rohde & Schwarz 5G Broadcast Solutions

5G broadcast can provide premium content quality, low-latency, great spectrum efficiency and wide coverage, with no need for a SIM card in the receiving mobile device. New business opportunities are also offered to network operators via the deployment of 5G Broadcast.

Product Specs

R&S®BSCC2.0 broadcast service & Control center

5G broadcast / multicast all-in-one core network

Our core network technologies provide the flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness you need to launch new next-generation broadcast/multicast services. Explore how R&S®BSCC2.0can help you take advantages of the latest developments of 5G Broadcast/Multicast technology within 3GPP ecosystem

Key facts

  • 5G broadcast / multicast simplified core network
  • Simplifies architecture
  • Software defined application for resource optimization
  • Centralized core network architecture
  • Flexible and cost-effective service rollout
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