4th Generation ASiD

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Now a complete suite of watermarking solutions, the 4th Generation of ASiD offers enhanced security across all types of broadcast, managed, and unmanaged OTT devices, apps, and clients regardless of the delivery method trust level.

ASiD Embedded client-generated watermark, client-composited

ASiD OTT Client-composited server-generated watermark, client-composited

ASiD OTT Edge-switched (A/B Variant) server-generated watermark, server-composited

Designed for real-world anti-piracy, ASiD provides content owners, broadcasters, and service operators with solid protection from the large-scale piracy revenue drain. It is the most widely deployed and actively used subscriber-level watermarking in the world securing tens of millions of set-top boxes and OTT players. Highly robust and fully compliant with the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, ASiD solutions secure live and VOD content including the most watched sporting events and Hollywood movies.

Product Specs