Sessions Recorded at the Capitalize Zone Theater at the 2024 NAB Show

968 An Update From The World of Fan Owner Entertainment

The traditional content creation model is very centralized and being challenged by new, innovative approaches that are empowering audiences and creators alike. With the advent of disruptive securities laws and decentralized web3 technologies, there are now new funding opportunities that are revolutionizing how entertainment projects are financed. This, coupled with innovative crowdfunding models and distribution through communities and revenue sharing, fans are getting a bigger seat at the table in determining what stories are told and how they generate profits.


  • Philip Alvelda, CEO & Chairman, Infinite Entertainment
  • Jordan Bayne, Founder, The Film3 Squad
  • Stephen Murray, Founder & Co-CEO, BINGEABLE
  • Paul Scanlan, Co-Founder and CEO, Legion M

1130 Content Fabric – Your Next Generation Distribution for Premium Live Streaming, PVOD, FAST Channels, and Video Archive Monetization at Scale

The Eluvio Content Fabric is an open and decentralized streaming, content distribution and storage network built for the third generation Internet. As a global network of nodes running the Eluvio Content Fabric Protocol, the Content Fabric provides a next-generation CDN and a complete media delivery pipeline that directly connects publishers and consumers without middle parties, creating a scalable, open and more profitable relationship.


  • Michelle Munson, CEO and Co-Founder, Eluvio

1129 Best Practices in Marketing Your Podcast

In case you did not realize, a podcast and the movie Field of Dreams have nothing in common — unless your podcast is about baseball or Iowa. In other words, just because you built it does not mean they will come. Learn best practices about how to market your podcast.


  • Steve Olenski, Host, The CMO Whisperer

934 Re-Inventing the Release Window through Smart Digital Monetization

Getting your content created is always a challenge, but it’s in the distribution that the magic can happen. Right now the process can be overly complex, inefficient, and inequitable for independent creators who are the bedrock of the industry. In this session, filmmakers, producers and distributors will discuss how they are using data and digital community solutions to create new revenue streams through organic fan discovery, engagement, interactivity, commerce, and more.


  • Mel Wilson, Founder and CEO, Solve Innovations
  • Noam Dromi, Managing Director and Executive Producer, Reboot Studios
  • Austin Worrell, Co-Founder and COO, Kino
  • Jane Yu, Co-Founder, Monolithic Content
  • Jay WIlliams, StoryTech

1285 Drive for Corporate Profitability

Joe Zaller from Devoncroft moderates a panel with representatives from Zixi, Roku and the NHL to discuss trends in the industry, including the push for profitability amid cost cutting as broadcasters are being forced by corporate obligations to do more with less.


  • Gordon Brooks, CEO, Zixi
  • Tom Dodson, Senior Director of Platform Operations, Roku
  • Grant Nodine, SVP Technology, NHL
  • Joe Zaller, Founder, Devoncroft

965 How Niche Communities Are Shaking Things Up in the World of Streaming

In this session, we explore the rise of niche communities in the world of streaming and how they are disrupting the traditional content delivery model. Panelists will share their experiences and insights on how they are catering to specific genre audiences underserved by the majors and using traditional video streaming technologies in tandem with blockchain infrastructure to power it. We’ll dig into how these strategies are leading to new revenue models, increased engagement and loyalty, and disrupting today’s streaming wars. Join us for an in-depth look at how niche communities are shaking things up in the world of streaming and the potential impact on the future of content delivery.


  • Maria Thrasher, Business Partnerships & Development Executive, Hearst Media Production Group
  • Andrea Berry, Head of Business Development, Theta Labs
  • Daril Fannin, Co-Founder and CEO, Kino
  • Adriana Shaw, Founder & President, HERFLIX

1297 The Remarkable Journey to IP

Based on proven, standards-based solutions, the transition to IP is accelerating across the broadcast industry. Installations worldwide are reaping the technical, operational and business rewards of making the switch. This panel of experts will draw from their extensive experience designing and implementing SMPTE ST 2110 IP infrastructures, including at world-class venues like State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals NFL team. Join this session for technical insights, actionable strategies and practical tips essential to ensuring a seamless migration and successful IP deployment.


  • Ian Cobb, Sr. IT Systems Architect, Alpha
  • Aron Kennedy, Chief Broadcast Engineer, Arizona Cardinals, State Farm Stadium, Insignia Events
  • Yousuf Khan, Vice President of Technical Marketing, Cisco Systems
  • John Mailhot, CTO Networking & Infrastructure, Imagine Communications
  • Steve Reynolds, President, Imagine Communications

936 Harnessing AI-Driven Storytelling for Efficiencies in Content Creation

The evolution of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we create and consume content. It’s not just about making production more efficient, it’s about forging entirely new workflows that are changing the game. In this panel, we’ll discuss two groundbreaking methodologies: generative video workflows, which utilize AI to craft content frame by frame; and procedural content creation, employing real-time, volumetric techniques for versatile cross-format production. We’ll delve into the technical intricacies of these innovations, address adoption challenges, and examine how shifts in content consumption are both influencing and being shaped by these advanced production techniques. This discussion promises a glimpse into a future where content creation possibilities are as boundless as our imagination.


  • Moderator Rachel Joy Victor, Co-Founder, FBRC.AI
  • Saraswathi Vani Balgam, Creative Director and CEO, Dancing Atoms
  • Jean-Daniel LeRoy, Co-Founder, PlaybookXR
  • Alex Porter, CEO, Mod Tech Labs

949 How to Manage Costs for Multiplatform Content Delivery

In today’s digital age, consumers demand seamless access to their favorite content across an array of platforms – from TVs and mobile devices to laptops and gaming consoles. This ever-growing expectation presents a formidable challenge for media companies: ensuring omnipresence on all platforms while judiciously managing costs. This session delves deep into this challenge, offering insights and effective strategies to avoid spiraling costs. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in crafting multiplatform digital products, Mirego will share its learnings through concrete examples and success stories. This session is built for those looking to refine their established multiplatform strategy, as well as those looking to expand their digital presence.


  • Pascal Hamel, VP Software Engineering, Mirego

1321 IMAX Enhanced: Elevating Home Entertainment to Blockbuster Heights

Join industry leaders as they unveil the latest advancements in home entertainment. Learn about the transformative power of IMAX’s visual and DTS’s sound technology for streamers and device OEMs. This panel will explore the lucrative business of delivering cinematic excellence – from the filmmaker’s lens to consumers’ screens and sound systems.


  • Dan Germain, Independent Media Technology Consultant, IMAX Streaming and Consumer Technology
  • Deston Bennett, Senior Director, Business Development & Partnerships, IMAX Streaming and Consumer Technology
  • Sven Mevissen, Director, Product Management – Home and Media Solutions, Xperi

704 Innovative Broadcasting: Unleashing the Power of Live Social Platforms, Multiformat Magic, and ROI Mastery in Livestreaming

Join Corey Behnke, CEO of LiveX, for a thoughtful exploration into the evolving landscape of broadcasting and livestreaming. Delve into the practical approaches used during the MLB World Series Game 2 on TikTok Live, with a focus on harmonizing 9:16 and 16:9 content for a seamless viewer experience.


  • Corey Behnke, Producer & Co-Founder, Live X
  • Will Payne, Board Member, National Association of Broadcasters

981 Five of Radio’s Best Stories Today

Forget what you are hearing on the street about radio. Listen to the research and learn what stories you should be sharing about radio. Where are radio’s strengths? Who is listening? Where are they listening? Edison Research Director of Research Laura Ivey presents the latest findings from Share of Ear data including information on Gen Z radio listening and radio’s role in car.


  • Laura Ivey, Director of Research, Edison Research

1064 Monetization: What’s Your Plan?

For companies at the center of video streaming, broadcasting and advertising, 2024 is a year of disruption to the status quo. Across the media and entertainment landscape, many are seeking new ways to answer a central question: How can we better monetize our content in the most operationally efficient and cost-effective way? In this session, Peter Gibson of Comcast Technology Solutions shares learnings about deploying the right technological framework to best monetize content, reduce capital costs, accelerate time-to-market, and improve operational efficiency at scale. It will discuss some of the latest practical advancements in cloud-based video management, managed channel origination, content engagement, AI/ML, advanced advertising, and more.


  • Peter Gibson, Vice President, Product Management, Comcast Technology Solutions

935 The Transformative Impact of Digital Backlots on Visual Effects, Set Design, and Overall Narrative Engagement

This discussion focuses on how digital backlots can revolutionize film, TV, and gaming projects by integrating A-list talent with cutting-edge digital environments. Discover the significant creative, production, and economic benefits of leveraging digital asset libraries. Gain insights from industry experts on enhancing visual effects, set design, and storytelling efficiency through streamlined Virtual Production workflows.


  • Jess Loren, CEO and Founder, Global Objects
  • Erick Geisler, CTO, Global Objects
  • Jerome Prescod, Senior Program Manager Content Security, The Walt Disney Company
  • Jay WIlliams, StoryTech

1280 Retro Reimagined: Monetizing the Future of Interactive TV

Speakers discuss the transformative journey of classic content into the interactive digital era. They will explore how collaboration between Microsoft, NVIDIA and a vast partner ecosystem breathes new life into beloved classics, elevating the viewer’s experience from passive consumption to active engagement with interactive quizzes, trivia and personalized insights. From the technical intricacies of AI-powered metadata enrichment and advanced channel playout to the thrill of competitive community building and strategic ad insertions, speakers will cover the entire spectrum of creating a lucrative, interactive TV landscape. They will also highlight the potential of technologies like Azure AI, MediaKind’s solutions, Alice & Smith’s XR server, and SymphonyAI’s analytics tools in revolutionizing content delivery and engagement.


  • Andy Beach, CTO, Media and Entertainment Industry, Microsoft
  • Rick Champagne, Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing, NVIDIA
  • Laura Florence, Senior Vice President of Global Channels, Fremantle
  • Mark Moeder, President, Media Division, SymphonyAI
  • Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies
  • Cory Zachman, SVP, Engineering & Services, MediaKind

937 Entertainment Evolved: Cultural Shifts and Monetization through Gaming

Gaming trends are transcending cultural touchpoints. This session will explore the expanding landscape of brand opportunities within gaming realms such as Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Our panel of experts will dive into innovative monetization channels that are redefining access to and engagement with entertainment content, emphasizing the diverse ways in which gaming is facilitating new avenues for brand integration, audience interaction, and revenue generation. The conversation will explore the shift from linear models to immersive and interactive experiences while underscoring the importance of leveraging the dynamic interplay between gaming, lifestyle, and entertainment to create compelling, monetizable content for the next generation and beyond.


  • Heather Healy, VP of Brand Strategy, Super League
  • Ryan Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, Cxmmunity Media
  • Felix LaHaye, Founder, United Esports
  • Greg Selkoe, Co-Founder and CEO, Xset

1174 The Opportunities and Challenges of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST)

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, traditional television is being overshadowed by innovative streaming solutions. FAST is one of these innovations, and has surprised many with its rapid growth in the last few years. This session with leading executives from the FAST space will examine the opportunities and challenges of running a FAST channel, such as content curation, personalization, discovery, loyalty, optimization, localization, and monetization. The panel will also discuss the role and responsibility of platforms and publishers in delivering value to viewers and advertisers, and in fostering a healthy and diverse FAST ecosystem. The end result for attendees will be a greater understanding of what FAST is and, if not yet a participant, provide insights as to why FAST could be part of your media strategy.

Also during this session, Gavin Bridge from CRG Global presents the report “A Beginner’s Guide to FAST,” produced in partnership with NAB Amplify.


  • Bethany Atchison, Vice President of Distribution Partnerships, Vevo
  • Gavin Bridge, Vice President of Media Research, CRG Global
  • Michael Hyon Johnson, Director of Operations, Electric Entertainment
  • Dan Marshall, EVP, Global SaaS Sales, Amagi
  • Bill Caudill, VP Content Partnerships, Allen Media Group

1402 AI-Empowered Monetization: New Content Strategies for Media Companies

In this session featuring the NBA, Microsoft and NVIDIA, panelists discuss how the shifting media landscape is creating new revenue opportunities for rights holders and content creators. Panelists explore the pivotal role of technology and examine innovative strategies for deploying monetization solutions from predictive analytics and personalized recommendations to automated content curation, generation and targeted advertising.


  • Andy Beach, CTO for Media and Entertainment Industry, Microsoft
  • Rick Champagne, Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing, NVIDIA
  • Ken DeGennaro, Senior Vice President, Media Operations and Technology, National Basketball Association
  • Sepi Motamedi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Live Media Solutions, NVIDIA

754 How Can We Make Broadcast TV More Successful?

This session will consider how new and innovative technologies might enable traditional broadcasters to fight back, delivering all the advantages of OTT services, instantly on a normal broadcast TV channel, and without the need to download or sign into an app. The speakers will discuss the following questions: How disruptive will these new broadcast technologies be and what will be the impact on the TV industry? Will these new technologies herald a resurgence broadcast TV use for U.S. broadcasters? How will these new technologies affect how ad dollars are split between OTT services and traditional broadcasters? Given the new technologies now available, what is the future for broadcast TV and the broadcast TV ad market?


  • Shermaze Ingram, Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs, National Association of Broadcasters
  • Rob Lewis, CEO, ROXi / FastStream
  • Brandon Amoah, Senior Analyst, Tech BD, Sinclair Broadcast Group

1232 Keeping Listeners Engaged Through Stopsets

Radio station consultant and author Andy Meadows shares strategies to keep listeners from changing the station during commercials, like strengthening the content on the other side, effectively teasing to that content, quick mid-break imaging and live wedges, in-stopset contesting and ways to turn spots into entertainment elements. Plus, he’ll discuss the psychology and science behind stopset length and placement.


  • Andy Meadows, Consultant, Radio Consultants
  • Alan Power, President of Broadcast Media at Salem Media Group, Member of NAB Board of Directors

1348 Transforming Sports Broadcasting with Disguise and the Portland Trail Blazers

Join Disguise for a panel discussion on the groundbreaking collaboration between Disguise and the Portland Trail Blazers. Discover how they’re revolutionising sports coverage by integrating augmented reality (AR) graphics into live basketball games. Learn how tracking a handheld camera enhances the fan experience with real-time stats and an immersive view of the action. Don’t miss out on this glimpse into the future of sports broadcasting!


  • David Jorba, VP of Business Development – Broadcast, Disguise
  • John McConnell, Graphics Producer, Portland Trail Blazers

1318 Beyond Fake News: How Deepfakes Are Transforming the Media Ecosystem

Mason Allen of cybersecurity company Reality Defender explores the profound impact of deepfakes on the media ecosystem. Learn the technology behind deepfakes, their applications and consequences, and gain insights into combating their misuse in the media world — and beyond.


  • Mason Allen, Head of Growth, Reality Defender

1188 Audio & Video Quality Monitoring with AI

Learn about new, scalable and game-changing methods for broadcast and stream quality monitoring, brought to you by tools and advancements in AI. For the first time, understand how your content is perceived by all of your viewer groups and, through objective metrics, identify where you should improve. Step into a world where complex, historically manual and repetitive human labor can be streamlined. Join Alvaro Laserna, Technical Director of Automation & R&D at TestDevLab, and Varun Singh, CPTO of Daily, for valuable insights into how AI-powered monitoring can significantly enhance audio/video quality. Hear about how such data can be actionable, the possibilities opened up for competitive benchmarking and how this can be used for both platform, infrastructure AND content improvements.


  • Alvaro Laserna, Technical Director of Automation and R&D, TestDevLab
  • Adrians Miņins, A/V Project Manager, TestDevLab
  • Varun Singh, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Daily

966 The Case for Digital Humans

Join industry experts as they discuss the current and future impact of digital humans on the future of entertainment and media. Through a combination of cutting-edge conversational AI (supported by specific GPU features) and new creation platforms, digital humans are revolutionizing the way stories are told and experiences are created by enabling the emergence of new platforms. This panel will delve into the technological advancements, new revenue streams and net new market value that have made digital humans a viable asset for storytellers. They’ll share how they are being utilized across various platforms such as tier 1 film projects, sports, fashion, gaming, virtual production environments, and new immersive experiences and how their powerful connection with Gen Z will build new audience demographics for any content property.


  • Moderator Jeff Taylor, Senior Global Brand Partnerships, TechCrunch
  • Will Driscoll, Co-Founder and CEO, Wild Capture
  • Fay Wells, Head of Partner Marketing, Soul Machines
  • Jay Williams, StoryTech