Sessions Recorded at AWS Theater at the 2024 NAB Show

1385 How Sinclair Broadcast Brings Local News Broadcasting to the Cloud

Sinclair Broadcast has deployed its entire broadcast operations on AWS, including live news production and IP-based broadcast origination. Sinclair Broadcast deployed the first series of channels in the AWS Cloud using an AWS Partner solution provided by Amagi for master control playout. This innovative solution has provided Sinclair with centralized governance and management of its 186 different stations. Utilizing a single pane of glass for station operations allows Sinclair to increase productivity, troubleshoot problems and provide a higher quality of service. Sinclair expects to expand this further with the next generation of news production in the cloud. Hear from Sinclair and AWS about the Sinclair journey and where Sinclair will go next.


  • Adam Chugg, Principal Account Executive, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Walid Hamri, AVP, Media Systems Engineering, Sinclair Broadcast Group

872 Addressable Advertising on Linear TV & OTT/FAST

This session focuses on Addressable Advertising (DAR & DAI) on Linear TV for Pay TV (Broadcasting/Multicast) and OTT/FAST (Unicast). Anypoint will showcase its unique solution, FLOWER, which covers ad serving, ad decisioning and ad podding specialized for Linear TV services. This discussion will be followed by commercial use cases.


  • Andrew Baek, Senior Manager / Business Development, Anypoint Media

1408 Preserving 100 Years of a Nation’s Archive

The BBC needed to digitize and preserve its flagship archives containing film, TV and radio content from the last 100 years. Learn how the BBC Archives team ingested over 16 million assets to create one of the largest media data lakes, improving access for its teams. Also discover how BBC plans to create value for its viewers.


  • Brendan Mallon, Head of Product & Services in BBC Archives Technology & Services, BBC
  • Ian Munford, Principal Business Development, Media Services, EMEA, AWS

1386 Bring High-Speed Connectivity to Remote Shoots and Analytics to the Edge

Amazon’s Project Kuiper is building a flexible, secure, high-performance, modern connectivity service for business and consumers. It is designed to accelerate business growth, improve resiliency and reduce costs. Discover how high-speed, low-latency connectivity will enable camera-to-cloud, remote shoots without having to transit dailies, data analytics and live-streaming photojournalists in the field without a truck or relying on cellular connections. These are just a few of the exciting use cases that Project Kuiper will enable. Also learn how you can work over a private connection so your content and data doesn’t have to touch the public internet. Project Kuiper’s Private Connectivity will give you a secure connection from the data you upload to your AWS workload.


  • Jeremy Zigmond, Principal Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

1305 Unify Media Metadata at Scale: Tubi’s Innovative Approach with Rosetta Stone

With a library of more than 240,000 titles from over 400 content partners, Tubi executives recognized the need for a unified metadata management system. In this session, learn about Tubi’s solution, Rosetta Stone, which uses LLMs and industry data sources such as IMDb to reliably match content and provide confidence metrics. Gain insight into Tubi’s innovative approach to solving the metadata silo problem and creating a unified metadata management system. Learn how Rosetta Stone unlocks richer applications of metadata in the models powering the Tubi user experience and gain practical knowledge to optimize your own metadata strategies in the rapidly evolving streaming landscape.


  • Claire Dorman, Machine Learning Engineering Manager, Tubi TV
  • Robert Raver, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Rudra Roy Choudhury, Product Manager, Tubi TV

1388 Becoming AI Ready: Mastering Data and Maximizing Value

This presentation, featuring Veritone’s work with Creative Artists Agency and CBS News, explores the importance of organizations gaining mastery over their data to adopt AI. By harmonizing and managing their data effectively, media companies can then deploy AI solutions in the cloud to unlock their content’s revenue potential while safeguarding their IP. In this session, Veritone highlights real-world use cases to showcase how industry leaders leverage these technologies to redefine media management, rediscover archival footage, reimagine content creation, and reconnect with audiences while safeguarding valuable content rights across platforms.


  • Frank Gonzalez, VP Business Affairs, CBS News & Stations
  • Sean King, SVP and Head of M&E, Veritone
  • Kenny Ye, Corporate Strategic Development Executive, CAA

1068 Evolving Monetization Models and the Future of Advertising

Panelists discuss topics including omnichannel personalization and leveraging audience insights to tailor targeting and boost engagement; interactive, shoppable ads, including how brands successfully merge ads and e-commerce by featuring products in content to drive direct sales and engagement; TV convergence ads, which bring digital and traditional TV together for aligned campaign management, consistent measurement, and smart audience reach; and generative AI in ad tech, and how leading companies use it to revolutionize ad operations and sales, enhancing revenue. Join us for a deep dive into the strategies shaping tomorrow’s revenue landscape.


  • Nazariy Mamrokha, Associate Vice President, Engineering, GlobalLogic, A Hitachi Group Company
  • Yevhenii Prokapalo, Senior Manager, Engineering, GlobalLogic, A Hitachi Group Company
  • David Wolf, Group Vice President CME, GlobalLogic

1053 Migrate Those Legacy Systems: Keep the Lights On, Cut Your Costs and Transform Your Business

Every company in the media and entertainment value chain is struggling with the accelerating risk of systemic failure of critical legacy systems and infrastructure. Kit is getting old and unsustainable; monolithic software stacks are fragile, painfully difficult to enhance and wildly expensive. Product development, the lifeblood of a vibrant company, is static and difficult. The cloud offers a lot, but CTOs and CFOs are wary of the varied risks of major transformation programs. Migration to the cloud, with all the benefits of scalability, speed and functionality, comes with project risk, total cost uncertainty and new talent challenges. Monolithic systems can quickly turn into monolithic teams. In this session Merapar will explore some of these topics and consider agile strategies for the progressive transformation of retirement-age systems to the cloud. Merapar will look at how to build performant auto scaling solutions optimally with cloud economics a primary focus. This session will also consider the value of Merapar Development Kits to accelerate product development while maintaining customer control.


  • Chris Birkinshaw, Technology Principal, Merapar UK
  • Mike Buckley, VP Operations, Merapar USA

1076 Transforming Consumer Experiences: GenAI Recommendation Engine on AWS

During the session, EPAM will highlight the technology and capabilities of the solution, how it can be used to create a personalized experience for viewers that drives deeper engagement with your content catalog and how to integrate it into your own systems.


  • Robert Koch, Global Head, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, EPAM
  • Jonathan Rioux, Director, Data Analytics Consulting, EPAM

1179 Delivering Your New Digital Experience at Scale

Join Arc XP to explore innovative strategies that transcend traditional content workflows, transforming them into dynamic digital experiences, even with limited resources. This presentation will delve into the power of automation, demonstrating how it can streamline workflows and elevate content delivery, ensuring an engaging and seamless user experience. Discover how Arc XP distinguishes itself from conventional solutions, offering a platform that not only manages content but redefines your entire digital landscape. Whether it’s through out-of-the-box solutions or custom integrations with a variety of partners, Arc XP empowers you to overcome tool lock-in and embrace the full potential of your digital experience. Embrace the future of content management with Arc XP: it isn’t just a CMS – it is your digital experience, reimagined.


  • Joe Croney, Vice President of Technology & Product Development, Arc XP

1083 Democratizing Media Ingest Workflows for Media Professionals: On the Cloud and Beyond with MASV & AWS

MASV showcases how it is transforming file-based media workflows by opening up AWS cloud access through powerful and user-friendly web interfaces and automation tools, allowing media experts of any technical background to leverage the power of cloud for rapid and secure video file delivery and ingest. Discover how MASV’s simplicity, reliability and speed facilitate the flow of petabytes of media files smoothly through AWS, supported by a compelling customer case study. MASV will also preview its upcoming storage gateway feature, which promises to bridge the gap between cloud and on-premises workflows and further streamline production and remote-production pipelines.


  • Majed Alhajry, Chief Technology Officer, MASV
  • Matt Timmons, SVP Media Workflows, CineSys

1046 The World Poker Tour Connects with Technology and AI to Transform its Distribution Supply Chain

The World Poker Tour (WPT) was grappling with challenges in version control and efficient asset management of its media content. WPT’s content management system housed multiple iterations of its shows, leading to complexities and file redundancies. WPT’s primary objective in implementing Ateliere’s Connect platform is to refine and enhance the process of rendering and delivering diverse versions of its shows, tailored to quickly meet varied customer demands, specific format requirements, content nuances, as well as captioning and timed text integration. WPT is leveraging a full cloud workflow from content creation to distribution. The end goal of this endeavor is to eliminate “middleman” services and establish a more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective system to manage and distribute media content, thus enhancing operational efficiency and ultimately benefiting both WPT and its platform partners.


  • Kira Baca, Chief Revenue Officer, Ateliere Creative Technologies
  • Marc Dion, Director, Distribution & Ad Sales, WPT Enterprises Inc.

1001 How to Seamlessly Enhance Catalog Metadata – With IMDb, Fabric and Sinclair Broadcast Group

IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for information on movies, TV shows and celebrities, and Fabric, the leader in metadata management for media and entertainment catalogs, is joined by Sinclair Broadcast Group to present an overview of a solution that allows media and entertainment customers to seamlessly enrich their catalogs by licensing robust entertainment data sets from IMDb. Learn more about how Fabric and IMDb are making it easy for customers to manage their metadata.


  • Natasha Bishop, Head of Business Development, IMDb
  • Rob Delf, CEO, Fabric
  • Ben Lister, Head of Programming, Sinclair Broadcast Group

1306 Optimizing Studio Cloud Storage: Best Practices from Netflix

Netflix generates hundreds of petabytes of assets each year, supporting the production of original content for its industry-leading streaming platform. The content ranges from image sequences to large IMF files used to source encoding. Netflix has gained significant experience running these operations in the cloud, connecting studio artists, designers and production experts across the globe to increase the pace and quality of their content creation. In this session, hear about Netflix’s journey to improve its cloud storage efficiency, including the phases of ingest, production, mastering, and long-term storage. Learn from its best practices developed throughout each phase of the production cycle to improve efficiency and lower storage costs.


  • Vinay Kawade, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
  • Esha Palta, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

1401 From Broadcast to Bespoke: Harnessing the Power of AI for Tailored Viewer Experiences

In this session featuring Media.Monks and NVIDIA, panelists discuss personalization as an effective tool for viewer engagement. They will highlight why personalization is a necessity in today’s media landscape and outline the strategies and technologies that enable broadcasters and media companies to deliver tailored experiences to their audiences.


  • Rick Champagne, Director of Global Media & Entertainment Industry Strategy and Marketing, NVIDIA
  • Sepi Motamedi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Live Media Solutions, NVIDIA
  • Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation & Creative Solutions, Media.Monks

1418 The Making of Cowgirls on the Moon

In this session, panelists share how generative AI-assisted virtual production, AWS Deadline Cloud-powered VFX and rendering, and a holistic studio in the cloud came together to create a faux movie trailer for “Cowgirls on the Moon.” Hear from panelists representing The Modern Film Consortium, DNEG 360, Dimension, and Cuebric to learn how they put together a workflow comprising the newest technologies in production in order to demonstrate the art of the possible in modern filmmaking.


  • Ron Ames, Producer/Founder, The Modern Film Consortium
  • Alex Jenyon, Virtual Art Department Supervisor, DNEG360 / Dimension Studios
  • Katrina King, Global Strategy Leader – Content Production, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Walter Schulz, VFX Director, Cuebric

1411 Building the Creative Pipeline of the Future

Large or small, complex or simple, on premises or hybrid. Every 2D/3D, VFX and animation team’s content production pipeline is unique. So how can they all realize the massive benefits of cloud rendering? AWS Deadline Cloud provides a render farm management service that’s easy to set up for simple pipelines and customizable and extensible for sophisticated ones. Join Chaos, creators of the V-Ray rendering software, and Ntropic, a VFX studio and creative agency, as they discuss the work they’ve done to incorporate cloud-based rendering workloads into their pipelines with Deadline Cloud – and the shared industry vision for more sustainable rendering on the horizon.


  • Vanessa Inadomi, Senior Technical Product Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Phillip Miller, VP of Product Management, Chaos
  • Nathan Robinson, Founder & CCO at Ntropic; Co-Founder at NIM Labs, Ntropic
  • Andrew Sinagra, Creative Director at Ntropic; Co-Founder at NIM Labs, Ntropic
  • Dave White, Head of CG, Ntropic

1412 You Don’t Need Powers, You Just Need to be Human: Generative AI in VFX

Entertainment production companies and creative studios are doing cutting-edge work with generative AI – both adding to the services they can make available to their production teams and customers, and creating tools for their pipelines that make new things possible in film and television. Artists and other creatives are embracing tools to support the creative process and achieve the vision of their productions, while technologists are realizing the gains of new ways to build increasingly complex workflows. The current state of these new technologies is beginning to help studios win on both the top line and the bottom line – and allowing a larger focus on creativity.


  • Chris Del Conte, Global Head of VFX, Amazon Studios
  • Gretchen Libby, Director, AWS Specialists, Media & Entertainment, AWS
  • Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios
  • Michael Wolfson, COO, Untold Studios