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What Media Brands Can Learn from 1,000 Superfans (1443)

Brad Altfest

Agora Lab -- Director of Media & Entertainment

Brad Altfest explores how media companies can learn from the concept of “1,000 superfans” which proposes that content creators can find success by gaining thousands of superfans instead of millions of less-engaged followers. Learn why superfans matter, how to platform and monetize them, the impact of influencers, and how to engage next generation audiences. The discussion will explore ideas on interactive experiences that support segmentation based on behavior, preferences and feedback; streamline access to exclusive content, perks, discounts, etc.; prioritize social features to encourage reviews, testimonials, ratings, and sharing content; simplify the collection of first-party data from superfans to create content and products; identify opportunities to show appreciation and gratitude for their support; an dintroduce opportunities for e-commerce integration.


  • Brad Altfest, Director of Media & Entertainment, Agora Lab