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Virtual Production (1035)

John Canning

AMD -- Director of Developer Relations – Creators

Rene Amador

ARwall -- Co-Founder and CEO

Thomas Soetens

Immersive Design Studios -- Co-Founder and CEO

Robin Raskin

Virtual Events Group (VEG) -- CEO & Founder

Eric Schwertzel -- U.S. Operations General Manager and Head of Business Development

How can you build a production studio without ever lifting a hammer or nail? Tools for virtual production are making an impact on how we create video. Learn from the experts on why virtual production is fast, low-cost and efficient. Learn to tap into it for your creator projects.


  • John Canning, Director of Developer Relations – Creators, AMD
  • Rene Amador, Co-Founder and CEO, ARwall
  • Thomas Soetens, Co-Founder and CEO, Immersive Design Studios
  • Robin Raskin, CEO & Founder, Virtual Events Group
  • Eric Schwertzel, U.S. Operations General Manager and Head of Business Development,