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The Secrets of On-The-Go Creators: TravelingJules (716)

Jim Louderback

Inside the Creator Economy -- Publisher

Juliana Broste

TravelingJules Productions -- Travel Video Journalist

Beyond the adventure of travel filmmaking, storytellers who operate outside of the studio have unique needs. This session explores how TravelingJules roams the world with her camera, shooting and creating content in the field and then carrying the momentum back into the edit. Tailored to creators, influencers, producers and brands eager to create exciting content on location, this session uncovers the secrets, techniques and gear stack used by solo creators. Not to mention, how to pack light but look great to boot!


  • Moderator Jim Louderback, Editor and Publisher, Inside the Creator Economy
  • Juliana Broste, Travel Video Journalist, TravelingJules Productions