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Remote Production Demo: Sony Remote Production Package with Ci Media Cloud

Headshot Martin Lindsay, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions

Martin Lindsay

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions -- Business Manager
Headshot Michael Potts, Sony's Media Cloud Services

Michael Potts

Sony's Media Cloud Services -- Senior Director

During this demo, we’ll show you how easy it is to connect your talent and production teams in different locations using Sony’s Remote Production Package. This package allows the production team to remotely control, capture, and transfer high quality content in real time from any location. We’ll also show how Ci Media Cloud give teams the ability to collaborate remotely and securely, virtually anytime, anywhere.

About Sony’s Z280 Remote Production Package with Ci Media Cloud

Connect talent and production teams across multiple locations in real time. Sony’s simple Z280 Remote Production Package (REMOTEPRODZ280) provides content creators everything needed to remotely control, capture, transfer, and collaborate from anywhere, without sacrificing image quality.

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