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What’s the New, Next Cinema Experience?

Jeanette DePatie

Jeanette DePatie

StoryTech Managing Partner
Tracey Page

Tracey Page

NAGRA/Kudelski Sports D2C Business Development
Brian Quandt

Brian Quandt

Stream-In Cinema CTO

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While everyone is eager to get back to IRL cinema experiences, much uncertainty remains. How will films debut and be distributed? What will film festivals look like in 2021 and beyond?

Pre-, during and post-pandemic, filmmakers were wondering how to deliver their project to the current standard of DCP (the secure format required by modern digital film projectors). How do you create a seamless workflow for creators, film festivals, and distribution networks? How do creators and distributors integrate advertising to monetize that content? And how do they ultimately get their content OTT-ready?

During this session, attendees heard from community experts on DCP.  After the speakers shared their expertise, they opened the floor to live questions and comments. Attendees were invited to come with perspectives, quandaries, and inspiration to join in the conversation.

“Festival Fearlessly” and “Roll with the Ads” with the folks at Stream-In Cinema and Nagra/Kudelski. Learn the best way to navigate the standards and share your experiences with the community of festival producers, content creators and studio distributors.

Explore how films are getting delivering got in person, online, and at hybrid festivals while being DCI-compliant and using the current standard for film delivery.

New Cinema Experience

The panel addressed the following questions:

How can organizers and producers best manage security while delivering assets efficiently?

How has the pandemic impacted distribution for film festivals, film markets, and — ultimately –set top boxes?

What are the advantages of new business models and what opportunities have emerged because of this disruption?

How are festivals monetizing hybrid models or returning to standard experiences?

Join us July 23 at 2 p.m. EDT for an interactive discussion on where we go from here.

Jeanette DePatie

Tracey Page, NAGRA/Kudelski Sports D2C Business Development and Brian Quandt, Stream-In Cinema CTO

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