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How Do We Utilize Intelligent Content for a Better Future?

Chad Andrews

Chad Andrews

Cognizant AVP and Consulting Partner
Stephanie Dean

Stephanie Dean

University of Montevallo Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
• Guy Finley, President and CEO, MESA (Media & Entertainment Services Alliance)

Guy Finley

MESA -- President and CEO
Meghan Glenn

Meghan Glenn

Flowcode Media Sales Director
Ling Ling Sun

Ling Ling Sun

Nebraska Public Media Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Wolfe

NAB Amplify Content Partner

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What will intelligent content mean for the future of the media and entertainment industry?

What are the biggest ethical implications resulting from the emergence of intelligent content (in the form of AI, ML, automation, etc.)?  How can we use intelligent content to keep the industry in check, increase responsibility and make sure we are working in an ethical landscape?

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Dr. Manhattan in the HBO series Watchmen. Cr: HBO


How can IC help facilitate diversity and make the M&E industry more inclusive? What can it do to ensure safer working conditions? What are the unintended consequences of intelligent content, in terms of privacy, autonomy and intellectual property?

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Join the discussion on Twitter Spaces on Tuesday, May 31, at 4 p.m. (ET).

This event is presented by Cognizant.

During the Twitter Spaces conversation, Amplify Content Partner Jennifer Wolfe will moderate a discussion, asking speakers questions such as:

  • What are the biggest ethical implications we need to consider when it comes to intelligent content?
  • How can IC help us create a more diverse and inclusive environment?
  • What are the implications for IP ownership? Who owns content created by AI?
  • What protections do we need to put in place to ensure transparency and fair distribution of information? How should we handle fake news, data privacy concerns and other thorny issues?
  • How can we ensure (and reassure) that the workforce won’t be replaced by AI or otherwise be negatively impacted?
  • How can IC generate data and information to make sure we create content audiences really want to consume?


Add Your Voice to the Conversation

This networking event will feature guest speakers from organizations and companies at the vanguard of intelligent content, including Cognizant, MESA, University of Montevallo, Flowcode and Nebraska Public Media.

  • Chad Andrews, Cognizant AVP and consulting partner (@cmtconsultant)
  • Stephanie H. Dean, University of Montevallo assistant professor of mass communication (@cutecatheory)
  • Guy Finley, MESA president/CEO (@MandEdaily)
  • Meghan Glenn, Flowcode media sales director (@flowcode)
  • Ling Ling Sun, Nebraska Public Media CTO (@lsun9988)
  • Jennifer Wolfe (event moderator), writer and journalist (@jwolfepr)



Intelligent Content Reading Room

Ahead of our May 31 discussion, check out these articles to prepare for the conversation:

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For even more IC content, type “AI,” “ethics,” or “intelligent content” in the Amplify search engine.




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Our event on Tuesday, May 31, will feature moderated conversation with a group of subject matter experts. The format leaves room for dialogue between panelists and event participants, with the opportunity for questions and conversation.

You can get an idea of the Twitter Spaces format by visiting @NABShow‘s March Twitter Spaces event, What Intelligent Content Means for Connecting with Audiences, which has been archived for on-demand access.

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