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H3 Platform Demos Composable GPU Solution

Brian Pan

Brian Pan

H3 Platform Inc. Founder/CEO
Kevin Tsai headshot

Kevin Tsai

H3 Platform Inc. Marketing Manager

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What is a composable GPU, and why might some companies require such a solution over a standard graphics processing unit?

H3 Platform CEO Brian Pan explains that his company was first to market, creating a solution in which GPUs are housed in a separate chassis and can be dynamically assigned to connected servers. Pan explains that studios have begun to deploy this technology to facilitate video editing and rendering.

In this video, viewers will learn about the advantages and technical aspects of deploying H3 Platform’s composable GPU solution. Pan and his colleague Kevin Tsai demonstrate how to use the composable GPU and answer FAQs about implementing the technology and realizing its efficiencies for creatives and broadcasters.

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Key Moments from the Webinar

  • 00:48  Learn about the company’s background and expertise
  • 01:20  Examples of composable GPU use cases for creators
  • 03:04  Hardware breakdown and explanation of GPU components used in the demo
  • 06:08  How to access the GUI and understand it
  • 06:40  Demonstration begins
  • 10:05  Another way to manage the composable GPU
  • 12:57  Broadcast usage scenarios
  • 15:15  Benefits of composable GPUs
  • 18:07  Prerequisites and compatible devices



Brian Pan
Pan is an entrepreneur, as well as founder and CEO of Taiwan-based composable infrastructure and solution provider H3 Platform. Brian has 20 years experience in the IT industry, and 10 years specifically in PCIe switch technology and composable infrastructure. Pan has been invited as a panelist at international tech events including Flash Memory Summit and Super Computing 2022.

Kevin Tsai
Tsai joined H3 Platform in 2019. He has built up a deep understanding of PCIe switch technology and the composable infrastructure market, which he demonstrates on several blogs about PCIe switches and applications of composable infrastructure.