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Future-Proofing Your Production Workflows: Embrace the Possibilities of ST 2110 (309)

Michael Bergeron

Panasonic Connect -- Senior Category Manager

Evan Clark

ZeroSpace -- Lead Research Engineer

Jim Jensen

Panasonic Connect -- Senior Category Manager

As studios seek to advance their production capabilities to dynamically adjust infrastructure to changing content needs, ST 2110-enabled solutions will be key to helping them fit their workflows to meet day to day changes. Whether supporting a live or virtual production environment, technology that’s scalable will help future-proof investments for years to come. In this session, Michael Bergeron and Jim Jensen of Panasonic Connect will expand on the benefits of ST 2110 compatible edge devices, and how these can minimize the cost and complexity in ST 2110 ecosystems. They will explore how an ST 2110 network needn’t be more than a single IP switch, and how ST 2110 edge devices collapse the numbers for gateways and other peripherals. The session will also dive into specific new ST 2110 and other IP edge devices, including PTZ cameras, studio cameras, camera control units, and camera software, as components of solutions Panasonic Connect has available.


  • Michael Bergeron, Senior Category Manager, Panasonic Connect
  • Evan Clark, Lead Research Engineer, ZeroSpace
  • Jim Jensen, Senior Category Manager, Panasonic Connect