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EVS MediaInfra Strada Use Cases

Peter Schut

EVS SVP Media Infrastructure

Watch this video to learn:

  1. What is EVS’ MediaInfra Strada?
  2. How Strada compares to traditional SDI routers, and how it is different than a “real IP environment.”
  3. Use cases for Strada and examples of ideal deployments



About Peter Schut

Peter Schut is SVP Media Infrastructure at EVS and responsible for the development of MediaInfra Solutions within the EVS portfolio.

Schut holds an electrical engineering degree from HTS in Eindhoven. He started his career in the Dutch Ministry of Defense and has more than 25 years of experience in the broadcast Industry.

Schut joined Axon in 1994 as a design engineer and has worked his way up through the company with stints across applications engineering and product management, to become CTO. Ever since, Schut and his team have pioneered many developments in high-end audio and video processing.

With his guidance, Axon had fast become a global market leader in the SDI modular processing market. This is now extended with Neuron, the world’s first Network Attached Processor (NAP) conceived to address the needs of complex IP and hybrid environments. This development started still under the Axon umbrella and has been expanded after the acquisition of Axon by EVS.