Tech Talk: Challenger Communications on C-Band Readiness

September 13, 2021
12 - 12:30 p.m. ET

Hosted by
Challenger Communications, LLC
Gene Sorgi

Gene Sorgi

Challenger Communications LLC President

Jill Sorgi

Challenger Communications LLC Director of Sales and Marketing

Bob Cato

Challenger Communications LLC Sales Representative

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Don’t let the relocation of C-Band interfere with your product.

Learn how to get C-Band ready and start preparing for 5G rollouts in a multitude of markets.

Are you on schedule for your upgrade? Are you registered with the FCC? Are you approved for a lump sum or reimbursement? Do you know how to confirm all of these details?

Some other things to consider or check:

It’s crucial to have the right antenna size and reflector type for superior RF performance.

Is your antenna made of metal? (If yes, you should be in good shape.)

What size antenna do you currently have?

Review your filters and feeds. Note your LNB make and model and your feed make and model. Are they single port, dual port or multi-feed? Are there multiple feeds in your rack?