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Captions to Optimize Workflows, Mine Your Data, Enable Generative GPT, and Empower Virtual Production (310)

Bill Bennett

ENCO Systems Inc. -- Media Solutions & Account Manager

While captions are essential to make your content more accessible, have you considered the added benefits that come from AI-based speech recognition to generate transcripts from ALL your spoken word content, live and legacy? During this presentation you’ll learn that captions are a lot more than just words flashing across the bottom of a screen. Being the “third rail” of content, captions and transcripts are a valuable bridge between the spoken word (including radio and podcast content) and video, and deserve time in the spotlight. During this session, the presenter will show what happens when you start generating transcripts from all your spoken word material, interviews, news segments, etc., and intelligently mining that data in various ways to benefit your internal workflows and to share with your audience. Further, this session will look at what Generative GPT can do with these transcripts, exploring greater content creation options which aid humans in a few ways. Finally, it will see how AI-generated captions can actually be used to augment your virtual production efforts and reach audiences of many different languages, simultaneously.


  • Bill Bennett, Media Solutions & Account Manager, ENCO Systems Inc.