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How Intelligent Content Can Help You Capitalize on Your Creativity

Jennifer Wolfe

NAB Amplify Content Partner
Daniel Weinbaum

Daniel Weinbaum

Cognizant -- Director
Jamilyn Segal

Jamilyn Segal

ScriptDoor -- Founder
Robin Kirchhoffer

Robin Kirchhoffer

Dalet -- Marketing Director
Matthew Cimaglia

Matt Cimaglia -- CEO and Co-Founder
Kirk Iwanowski

Kirk Iwanowski

AnyClip -- Chief Marketing Officer
Stephen Graves

Stephen Graves

Decrypt Special Projects Editor

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IC capitalize

How can intelligent content (IC) help us find new and clever ways to reach paying audiences?

Join the discussion on Twitter Spaces on Thursday, April 14, at 4 p.m. ET.

This event is presented by Cognizant.

The Big Question: What does intelligent content mean for capitalizing on your content?

With a constant stream of demand for people’s money, how is IC helping to empower both consumers and creators and innovating the marketplace? How is it enabling us to minimize risk, understand the market and maximize our returns?

In this panel discussion on Twitter Spaces on April 14, we will discuss the ways intelligent content can help us monetize our content creation more efficiently, make the most out of data and add more value to what we create.

  • How do IC and new technologies help us streamline content creation, reduce costs and therefore improve profits?
  • How can it help us be more efficient in reaching the right audiences and predict what people will be prepared to pay for the content?
  • Let’s talk about NFTs: Is this really the future of adding more value to your brand?
  • What can it do to help prevent “churn” (the loss of subscribers or viewers)?
  • Will Web3 be the empowering entity it’s being predicted to be?
  • What future innovations in this area will be game-changers?

You can get an idea of the Twitter Spaces format by visiting @NABShow‘s last Twitter Spaces event, What Intelligent Content Means for Connecting with Audiences, which took place on March 24 and is archived for on-demand access.

Add Your Voice to the Conversation

This networking event will feature guest speakers from companies at the vanguard of intelligent content, including Cognizant, Dalet, ScriptDoorAnyClip, and Decrypt.

  • Jennifer Wolfe (event moderator), writer and journalist
  • Daniel Weinbaum, director, Cognizant
  • Jamilyn Segal, founder, ScriptDoor
  • Robin Kirchhoffer, marketing director, Dalet
  • Matthew Cimaglia, co-founder,
  • Kirk Iwanowski, chief marketing officer, AnyClip
  • Stephen Graves, special products editor, Decrypt

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What Is Twitter Spaces?

A Twitter Spaces event is a live audio-only conversation that takes place on Twitter. Our event on Thursday, April 14, will feature moderated conversation with a group of subject matter experts. The format leaves room for dialogue between panelists and event participants, with the opportunity for questions and conversation.

How to join a Space: Spaces are public and you can join one in one of three ways. Each Space has a public link that a host or listener can include in a Tweet, or share via a Direct Message. Live Spaces featuring a speaker or host you follow will also appear at the top of your timeline, highlighted in purple.

Twitter has much more information about Twitter Spaces, including a rundown of how to use Spaces, a Spaces FAQ, and details about the Spaces user interface.

What you’ll need to join: A Twitter account, which you can create at Follow @NABShow on Twitter for notifications about the event. You can participate using Twitter in a web browser or mobile app.


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