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Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Production with KAIROS (325)

Jeff Lawson

Panasonic Connect -- Senior Account Manager

Chris Merrill

Panasonic Connect -- Group Manager – Kairos

Live production is changing, especially in the sports and entertainment space. Audiences no longer want to simply watch a basketball game — they crave more real-time content, replays and behind-the-scenes footage. Plus, they want to access this content on multiple platforms, from traditional broadcast TV to streaming networks to social media. That’s where live production platforms, like Panasonic Connect’s KAIROS system, are critical to produce this dynamic content while driving flexible workflows for seamless operations. In this session, Chris Merrill, KAIROS Group Manager, and Jeff Lawson, Senior Account Manager at Panasonic Connect, will expand on Panasonic’s KAIROS platform and the capabilities it will bring — to develop engaging content for years to come.


  • Jeff Lawson, Senior Account Manager, Panasonic Connect
  • Chris Merrill, Group Manager – Kairos, Panasonic Connect