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Matthew Cimaglia

Matt Cimaglia -- CEO and Co-Founder

Matt Cimaglia discusses’s plans for the 2024 NAB Show. Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of, previews some of the new products, technologies, customers and partners will be showcasing at its NAB Show booth.

About is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that significantly enhances the workflows of content creators by streamlining the processes of uploading, sharing, collaborating, reviewing, and storing projects all in one cohesive environment. With the recent introduction of support for MV-HEVC spatial video, is embracing the future of immersive media production. This support is particularly significant following the release of Apple’s VisionPro headsets, allowing creators to explore and produce spatial video content that is rich in depth and immersion.

One of the key aspects of’s offering is its native workflow extensions for popular Non-Linear Editing (NLE) systems, including Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. These integrations are designed to fit seamlessly into the professional workflows of video editors and content creators, enabling them to leverage’s cloud capabilities directly within their preferred NLE software. This feature underscores’s commitment to providing flexible and powerful tools that enhance productivity and creativity in the video editing process.

The platform’s innovative approach to digital content creation and its impact on the creative industry were recognized at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, where was honored with the 2023 Product of the Year and Best of Show Awards. These prestigious accolades highlight’s excellence in delivering solutions that not only streamline content creation workflows but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of digital media.

In essence, is not just facilitating easier management of digital assets but is actively redefining the content creation landscape. By supporting the latest in video technology, such as spatial video for the Apple VisionPro and offering native workflow extensions for major NLE systems, stands out as a comprehensive solution for content creators aiming to explore new creative territories while maximizing efficiency and collaboration in their projects.

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