It’s the Creator Economy and We’re All Just Working In it

Social video has emerged as the place where cultural trends originate — meaning that the format is no longer a “nice-to-have” option for marketers and creators. It’s imperative.

Over the past year alone, influencer-created content was watched 13.2 times more than media and brand content combined. And more growth is coming.

The speed at which trends turn over is increasing, however. In one three-month period, more than 1.3 million sports-related videos were uploaded across multiple platforms, according to research from Tubular Labs. The volume of video uploaded to social sites can overwhelm even the best resourced marketing teams.

“This means that waiting to catch a new popular sound, hashtag or TikTok challenge on your social feed could lead to missing the window of opportunity.”

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Creator Marketing and Why It Matters

Marketers rank generating engagement and reaching new audiences as their top two goals of creator marketing — but they may have to cede some control over creators to realize the full benefits of these partnerships.

According to research from Sprout Social, “the opportunity to reach your audience in a way that feels more organic can’t be overstated.”

The reports finds that, by partnering with creators, 52% of marketers hope to strengthen their social community and 41% seek to promote their brand values.

“With the right research and sourcing, you can identify creators whose followers intersect with your target audience, but may be less familiar with your brand. A little less control over the content is well worth the benefits.”

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