VSN is a technology company specialized in developing advanced software solutions for the Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries. Its product portfolio is wide and varied, and includes up to 6 different types of solutions to manage and automate the entire media life cycle from ingest to broadcast and archive: Media Planning, Media Production, Media Stories, Media Exchange, Media Delivery and Media Preservation. Whether in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid models, all solutions are open and scalable to allow integration and guarantee interoperability with existing technologies and workflows in any company. Furthermore, they can all be integrated and combined together to create a modular and scalable End-to-End solution that can grow and adapt to the changing needs of the business in a seamless and unified way. Since 1990, and thanks to its extensive network of distributors, partners and offices around the world, VSN’s technology helps clients in more than 100 countries to carry out their daily operations with maximum security and efficiency.

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Traffic and Scheduling Software / Solutions (SSP, DMP, DSP)
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VSNExplorer PAM

Television / Video Production
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VSNExplorer BPM

Workflow Software and Solutions
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VSNExplorer MAM

Digital Asset Management and Storage
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Television / Newsroom Automation Systems / Master Control