ViCueSoft is a software company specializing in video quality analysis and independent objective and subjective grading, video codecs development and optimization with Intel* Media SDK and OpenCL.

It provides consulting, R&D and outsourcing services to companies working in Software defined transcoding, OTT, contribution, distribution, and media server. ViCueSoft’s innovative broadcasting and video streaming products can help improve encoding quality, compression, density, software and GPU optimization thus bring down time to market.

Established in 2017, the company’s professional and vibrant team has the experience of serving more than 100 customers worldwide including in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Korea.  ViCueSoft prides in rich experience in video coding and the software industry, a strong track record in successful products and customer orientation characterized by transparency, flexibility, and listening to the customers’ needs.

ViCueSoft is one of the leading providers of developer tools for video codec developers. The 3 major instruments are: VQ Analyzer, VQ Probe and Develop Validation Kit (VQ DVK). These tools are actively used by codec silicon chip designers, transcoding solutions developers, Broadcast and OTT providers.

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Anastasia Kiseleva

CMO | ViCueSoft
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Evgeny Fedorov

Director of Engineering | VicueSoft