"SoftLab-NSK" is an experienced IT R&D Company (30 years on the TV market). We provide hardware and software solutions for TV production and broadcast. Our "Channel-in-a-box" product family "Forward T" provides media ingest, playout with advertisement insertion and time shift, channel branding, multilayer CG overlays, subtitling etc. We have product lines for live TV production: "Focus" – virtual studios, "All’Mix" – software live productions studios, "Forward Goalkeeper" – sport slow-motion replay systems, "Forward Sports Titles" – CG overlay system for sport events and more. "SoftLab-NSK" manufactures original I/O boards: FD922, FD722, FD720, FD788, FD322 etc. "SoftLab-NSK" solutions are suitable for any kind of broadcasting (analog, SDI, ASI, IP, DVB) and for any video format from SD to UHD. All our solutions are reliable (24/7/365), flexible and cost-effective.

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