Mosaic is an advanced monitoring and control platform whose cutting-edge functionality and extensive range of features simplify the management of multi-device, multi-vendor networks. Visualize and control your entire network, from ingest to delivery, in real-time. Minimize service outages, maximize revenue and ensure SLA compliance with fast and accurate fault detection and resolution. Provision services, configure devices and complex networks, all with the touch of a button. Give your operators and engineers the tools they need to succeed, give them Mosaic.

Find out more here in a replay of our recent webinar, Monitoring: The Last Thing On Your Mind. 

Hear the story of engineers lugging hardware up a mountain with no roads for the Voice of Vietnam. They can’t travel to the transmitter sites every time they need to check a generator, so they use Mosaic to monitor their equipment.

You may not have transmitters on a mountain, but traveling to transmitter locations is still probably inconvenient… especially when you’re trying to quickly diagnose a problem that’s taking you off the air. Watch the webinar replay to hear how Mosaic is used in the real world.

In the webinar replay you’ll find out how Mosaic helps you:

  • Significantly reduce your outages
  • Spot potential problems before they take you off the air
  • Avoid traveling to transmitter sites to troubleshoot problems

You can get a demo for yourself here.

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