We believe that all generated material has a commercial benefit and can be used as part of your sales toolkit. The aim of all PR/marcoms/social media/videos/podcasts – basically outbound communications be it digital or print – is to enhance brand, reputation and ultimately, revenue.

It’s not enough anymore to generate PRs and hope they’ll be read by the appropriate people. Maximising the reach and potential of every single piece of news is the key to multi-platform success. So, we don’t generate PRs or articles. We generate content. Great content to guarantee all brand and messaging opportunities are captured.

With the current state of the market and economy, the business and ROI strategy, consultancy, as well as the risk management offered, needs to be highlighted and a strong message throughout all activities. You need to be seen as a benefactor to your customer/partner, rather than a straight supplier. The media, and therefore, market, need to be looking to you as the authority, choice and leader going forward – making the difference in a very positive and focused way. And always thinking about the business implications.

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