About Chyron

It all started in 1966.

We developed the character generator and defined the category. Even today, text and graphics broadcast over live video is referred to as a “chyron,” whether it is produced by our technology or an imitator.

Chyron. It’s even in the dictionary.

Our Unique Approach

Since we began decades ago, we have powered graphics viewed by trillions. But even though many know us as the company the whole world is watching, it’s not just about us – and it is no longer just about graphics.

It’s about you and your viewers. We are here to partner with you and empower you to reach your viewers in new and exciting ways.

Relentlessly innovating, today we offer a full range of tools for any live video production, including news, sports, venues, eSports, corporations, houses of worship, and education. Looking towards the future, we make products that are scalable, cloud-ready, reliable, software-based, HTML5, and IP-ready.

Our Mission

Our mission is to relentless innovate, creating state-of-the-art technology that enables broadcasters, journalists, and content creators to entertain and inform billions of viewers.

Focusing on long-term growth and excellence, with a dedication to transparency – three strong pillars support our mission:

  • A dedicated and experienced team
  • Financially-stable private ownership
  • Enduring client and partner relationships

We are collaborative

We take pride in our growth and innovation, but we know that we do not succeed on our own. Three key groups outside the company help to drive our success:

  • Our global community of users who form the world’s largest pool of experienced operators and designers
  • Our competitors who we interoperate and collaborate with
  • Our technology partners who we work with to solve the complexities of professional broadcast

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