Located in Littleton, Massachusetts, Burk Technology has been manufacturing monitoring and control systems since 1985. Anticipating Needs Burk Technology is an industry leader in facility and equipment control and monitoring. Founded in 1985, Burk Technology’s sole objective is to build facility management and control systems that appeal to operations of all sizes around the world. Today the company's solutions are considered to be "best-in-class" and continue to evolve, anticipating economic, regulatory and technological changes. Delivering First Class Solutions Today, the Burk Technology product line is recognized as being both innovative in design and practical in function. Our core systems are supported by a full complement of accessories. We are the top choice for network operations centers, corporate engineering and IT departments, and organizations of all sizes looking for monitoring and control solutions built for the realities of today's demanding environment. Burk solutions consistently win top product awards at industry events. Design Approach Product development at Burk is driven by the changing demands of the industry. Our solutions go to market with the latest technology, offering features certain to make life easier for front-line operators, engineers and technical managers. Products are designed to be cost effective without sacrificing quality, so they will stand the test of time. Quality Policy Our pledge is to deliver complete customer satisfaction and total product reliability. To accomplish this, we operate under a formal quality system, assuring you that the products we provide will meet or exceed your expectations. Burk Technology's long-term goal is to continuously improve and support our customers with well-designed and carefully targeted solutions. Burk Technology's products are made in the USA.

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  • Location: 7 Beaver Brook Rd.
    Littleton, Massachusetts, 01460
    United States of America
  • Website: https://www.burk.com