Backblaze provides astonishingly easy cloud storage for today’s media workflows.

Customers including American Public Television, Complex Networks, and Fortune Media use it’s S3 compatible cloud storage as a hub to safeguard, collaborate on, and serve content globally because it’s simple to start up in minutes and operate ongoing, it’s always active – no nearline, offline, or tape delays here, and it’s priced at a fraction the cost of Amazon S3.

Seamlessly plug-and-play with go-to NAS, SAN, MAM and other tools including iconik, CatDV, Archiware, QNAP, and Synology.

Are you ready for cloud storage that simply works with your workflows, with no tricky minimums, tiers, or fine print?

Try it with 10GB free or contact us to run a larger proof-of-concept at no cost.

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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Back Up Networks / Contingency Planning

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NAB Show Amplified: 5 Minutes with Backblaze

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