100% WIRELESS Astera is THE leading manufacturer of remote-controlled, battery-powered lights. In the early-2000s we realized that batteries and a remote control radically simplify the setup and takedown of lights for shows and events, and in 2005 developed our first LED tube complete with battery pack and RF remote control. After moving our factory from Germany to Shenzhen, China, in 2007, we started to perfect our technology and scale up the operation. Astera continues to be run by German engineers and has assembled a large and experienced team which always thinks a step further ahead and delves deeper into detail. A key element is the input we receive from the market through listening to customers, which enables us to develop the tools they need to make things easier and more efficient with greater creative freedom. Astera has established itself and become a well-respected brand in event and film lighting industries with our products used to illuminate some of the world’s biggest shows and Hollywood blockbusters. Astera products are distributed worldwide through a network of professional dealers and distributors.

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