A Global Business for over 40 years Arrakis Systems is a leading manufacturer of electronic and furniture products for the radio broadcast and Internet streaming industries. Founded in the mid-1970's, Arrakis Systems has been a technology leader in digital automation, high quality modular furniture systems and broadcast consoles. Today, Arrakis remains in the forefront of high tech engineering and manufacturing design. As one of the first digital automation manufacturers, Arrakis Systems has been developing and building automation since 1991. Since then, we have set the standard and been the innovative driving force behind the automation industry. We still have original Digilink models running with over 20 years in operation! Arrakis Systems has been designing and manufacturing broadcast consoles for even longer, over 30 years! Our consoles are used worldwide by the United States Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps. We have product sold all over the world, in countries such as Eritrea, Nigeria, Russia, Philippines, Australia and many more. Our consoles are designed for durability and quality, and its sales history speaks for itself. Arrakis is also the leader in Broadcast Furniture. We now utilize CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) high precision routers to design and manufacture our furniture. This allows us to create furniture accurate within a 1,000th of an inch. The modular designed furniture has also sold all over the world and its brilliant design has sold itself for over 20 years now. All of Arrakis' products are designed and manufactured here in Loveland, Colorado. We take pride that all of our product is built in the USA.

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