Hitomi Ltd

xFrame provides module-style flexibility for your MatchBox hardware in the form of hot-swappable cards. This gives operators the ability to change audio configurations on the fly, in the field, even on air if necessary.

The audio options are on separate cards, which are installed or removed from the front of the device. For the more technically inclined, let’s say you’re on an OB truck and you don’t have any customers that currently require Dolby E encoding, but all of a sudden, you land a job for a client who does. In an inflexible world, this was a problem that could cost business, but with xFrame all you have to do you slot in a Dolby E enabled card from Hitomi and away you go.

xFrame means that that audio options are very easy to change, or add to, a MatchBox Analyser configuration. That’s because xFrame is an extremely high quality, modular platform that has four slots to accommodate what the user needs, as well as the ability to configure the modules to suit preferences once installed. That modular flexibility is a significant win for customers, resellers, and Hitomi as a manufacturer.