WebDAD Mobile Radio Automation

ENCO Systems, Inc.

The ability to work remotely and leverage automated workflows is more important than ever at this moment, and WebDAD mobile automation can help operations to continue unabated. WebDAD is a browser-based remote automation control system, with a virtualized platform that allows users to remotely access and manage studio-based ENCO DAD automation systems. These solutions allow broadcasters to maintain employee health and safety by supporting work-from-home models. It also helps with keeping operating costs low in a very challenging economic environment.

WebDAD empowers cloud-based operation through an updated, HTML5-enabled user interface. Users have the freedom of a fully-virtualized platform to remotely access and control their studio-based ENCO DAD radio automation systems – a benefit made all the more powerful with the addition of ENCO’s Presenter On-Air interface. This interface further optimizes ENCO’s modular, touchscreen design for customizing production workflows and providing instant access to media libraries, playlists and more.

WebDAD has evolved to support a true “Studio in the Cloud” operation that removes the limitation of maintaining an on-premises physical workstation. In addition to reducing operational costs at the station, WebDAD customers have broad control and playout capabilities across on-air presentation, playlist manipulation, voice tracking, and other workflow tasks. With the powerful ENCO Presenter On-Air interface, WebDAD is the most powerful and comprehensive browser-based interface on the market.

WebDAD also helps stations work more freely with on-air and production talent around the world by making it easy to bring in part-time, contract, and remote staff to access the playout system from anywhere there is an internet connection. Advanced security features allow administrator accounts to add or remove access easily, making it easier than ever to work with contract workers, even if they are only needed to cover one event.

Product Specs