The complete Channel in a Box VSNOne TV simplifies the management of a TV channel by integrating in a single software application the ingest of files, baseband signals and IP streams, as well as live events, NDI, transcoding, device control, advanced graphics and playout. Just with one single box you can set up your entire TV channel!

This integrated playout literally contains all the tools you need for content linear broadcasting or non linear content publishing in just one video server. In other words, multiple client software and tools can be configured in a single video server for media ingest, quality control (QC), content scheduling, video editing, creation of graphical elements, broadcast automation and broadcast of lice events, thus allowing maximum flexibility when purchasing the product.

In addition, VSNOneTV can be tailored to suit customers’ specific needs in term of ingest/playout channels and data capacity. VSN’s CiaB offers from 1 to 6 ingest or playout channels and even 8 channels depending on hardware. The storage space can be as flexible as required, the default settings are from 24TB to 48TB and this amount of can be even higher if an external storage module is used. Moreover, each VSNOneTV occupies only 2 rack units, which allows for a high number of ingest or playout channels in a very small space

VSNOne TV is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS) application in the cloud. This modality offers some advantages like decentralized and totally autonomous broadcast automation in the cloud, the possibility of installing the system in private or public cloud, the ability to transfer media, ingest live content and distribute video over IP, and the ability to send video signal to one or several locations simultaneously.

Product Specs

HTML5 web interface: you can fully control VSN’s integrated playout through its web interface, for both public and private cloud environments, without the need install apps.

Control of a wide range of devices: VSN’s CiaB is capable of controlling multiple devices such as A/V routers, VTRs, captioning and subtitling systems and external CGs. In addition, VSNOne TV can be controlled by VDCP protocol to perform video server functions.

Built-in multiviewer: create a multiviewer with a single output, whether SDI, HDMI or IP, and add clocks, VU meter, etc., in order to easily monitor all your channels’ signals.

Dynamic ad insertion: it allows for local insertions in the video or IP signal from a central station following the SCTE-35/104 standards to insert dynamic ads or regional news in a newscast.

Full redundancy: the backup of the channels being broadcasted is implemented by synchronizing at least two VSNOne TV systems for a smooth broadcast.

NDI for a more cost-effective IP workflow: the use of the NDI standard for broadcasting video signals over ethernet networks and external IP infrastructure enables a more cost-effective and productive workflow.

SD / HD / UHD multichannel playout: from 1 to 6 SD / HD playout channels or 2 UHD channels. VSN’s CiaB allows for simultaneous SDI / IP / ASI / NDI broadcasting and simulcast. It also enables publishing content to social media.

Creation and real-time editing of broadcast playlists: for broadcast automation, create playlists or import files. VSNOne TV also integrates with traffic systems. Make changes to the broadcast playlists while they are being executed.

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