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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022
  • Prestigious antenna manufacture in Taiwan, Jonsa Technologies Co., LTD, is established in 1989, and we have OEM/ODM experience over 30 years in the antenna market. Our products include CPE, VSAT antenna, Flyaway, and Maritime, and every monthly production capacity has been over one million in several years, which are exported to Australia, Europe, South Africa, Japan, America, and so on. We have steady suppliers of raw materials, moreover, can make a lot of antenna products through the advanced machines, including stamping machine, powder coating facility, injection molding machinery, manipulator welding, CNC tooling shop, bending machinery and RF chamber. When the materials are processed, we are able to assemble and package the products which can satisfy the client’s requests. In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have a variety of testing machineries, such as the laser inspection machine, UV/X-ray /salt spray testing machine and Faro arm for the purpose of examining if the products are perfect before the products are shipped from our plants. Proudly, we also get the quality certifications that include TS16949, TL9000, TW AEO, ISO 14001, ISO9001, and ISO45001.

VSAT 1.2M Antenna

  • Support Ku and Ka band as an option
  • VSAT antenna can correspond with branded electronic devices in the market.(Ex: BUC, iLNB, transceiver…..)
  • Precision pressed steel reflector.
  • Fine elevation and azimuth adjustments.
  • Steel components are pre-galvanized and powder coat painted for excellent corrosion resistance.

Product Specs

Ku-Band VSAT 1.2M Antenna

  • Operation Frequency: (Tx) 13.75~14.5GHz (Rx) 10.7~12.75 GHz
  • Efficiency: (Tx) 70% Min. (Rx) 70% Min. 
  • Ku-Band Gain: (Tx) 43.0 dBi@14GHz (Rx) 42.0 dBi@12.75GHz 

Ka-Band VSAT 1.2M Antenna

  • Operation Frequency: (Tx) 29~31GHz (Rx) 19.2~21.2GHz
  • Efficiency: (Tx) 70% Min. (Rx) 70% Min. 
  • Ka-Band Gain: (Tx) 48.4 dBi@29GHz (Rx) 45.2 dBi@19.2GHz 
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