V__matrix vm_dmv Distributed 4K IP Multiviewer


Lawo’s vm_dmv is the world’s first flexibly expandable, distributed 4K IP Multiviewer, a true revolution in multiviewer technology. Leveraging the power of IP using Lawo’s advanced V__matrix IP video routing & processing platform, vm_dmv lets you build a true 4k UHD multiviewer that can easily grow and adapt to suit your unique requirements. Build a system as small as 24 inputs and 4 control heads, or as large as 768 inputs with 128 heads – and beyond.

The secret lies in the pairing of Lawo’s unique LiveView™ technology and V__matrix architecture. vm_dmv “virtual module” apps run on C100 blades inside a Lawo V__matrix rack unit, which accepts SDI and 40GbE connections. Combining LiveView™ with the ability to “cluster” C100 processing blades keeps bandwidth requirements low, while enabling incredible scalability. Need more inputs or more control heads? Simply load another vm_dmv module to increase system capacity.

vm_dmv takes full advantage of modern network design. It utilizes a distributed architecture, with multiple software modules running on C100 blades within V__matrix frames connected via IP. Individual modules can be hosted in the same frame, or located in different frames within your facility — even in an entirely different location altogether. Which means you can also have multiviewer heads wherever you need them: Master Control, remote production facilities, even OB vans. No other multiviewer system can give you this kind of flexibility.

Traditional multiviewers require massive amounts of bandwidth because they generate control head PiPs using incoming video signals at full-scale. vm_dmv solves the bandwidth problem with cutting-edge LiveView™ MIP-mapping technology. Each incoming signal is optimized and downscaled, then served as four simultaneous streams of differing sizes. These streams become the PiPs used in each multiviewer head; once a source is present, it can be displayed by any (or every) head in the system. LiveView™, coupled with V__matrix’s 40GbE IP backbone, provides true bandwidth efficiency, ultra-low latency, and one-to-many source distribution.

vm_dmv is space-efficient, too. Each V__matrix rack frame accommodates two C100 blades, making it possible to deploy a 48-8 vm_dmv multiviewer system using only 1RU of space. And because the system is built on a true-IP backbone utilizing the ST2110 and ST2022 standards, you can build a distributed architecture, with V__matrix frames placed adjacent to source inputs and connected via Ethernet —instead of running cable bundles to the central rack room.

A groundbreaking multiviewer deserves an equally groundbreaking control and configuration system. vm_DMV is controlled with Lawo’s “theWALL”, a unique HTML5-based GUI that makes mosaic configuration with borders, colors, UMDs, tallies and more a simple case of drag-and-drop. Configure any monitor wall, route signals, change mosaic layouts, save and load user presets. theWALL does all this and more, with a smart, intuitive touch interface that’s a snap to use. Ideal for EICs, line producers and operators, theWALL gives every member of your production team the power to change their monitor wall layouts on-the-fly in seconds flat.

Product Specs

  • Broadcast-quality low-latency IP and SDI multiviewer app for V__matrix C100 core processing blades
  • Support for IP and SDI sources in 4K, 3G, HD and SD*
    (*not via ST2110) — rear plate/format dependent
  • Designed for monitoring of IP video and audio with support for ST2022 and ST2110
  • Intuitive control via the touch-supported HTML5 GUI in “theWALL”
  • Each vm_dmv software module creates 4 mosaic output heads at 3G or 1 mosaic output head at 12G
  • Support for high-density mosaic layouts with up to 64 PiPs per 3G head or 128 PiPs per UHD head
  • Unique LiveView™ signal distribution allows for bandwidth-optimized resource sharing across multiple mosaics
  • Output heads can be streamed as IP (ST2022 or ST2110) or SDI (using an optional C100 I/O rear plate). In addition, all heads are available as LiveView™ streams for display in other vm_dmv heads
  • Unique cluster solution manages all sources and heads in an IP cloud for unparalleled system architecture and scaling flexibility – add more heads or sources simply by adding more C100 blades that run the vm_dmv app.
  • Sophisticated touch-based monitor wall management
  • Platform-independent HTML5-based application runs on any operating system, monitor, or tablet device
  • Intuitive GUI-based control of monitor wall configuration and multiviewer layout
  • Easy-to-use drag & drop setup functionality
  • Large preset configuration library with extensive customizability
  • Sophisticated user management system for individualized presets
  • Server-based preset management database; may be deployed locally or in the cloud
  • Routing of signals via simple drag & drop
  • Automatic calibration of multiviewer resolution and aspect ratio
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