V__matrix vm_udx 4K/HDR Format Converter


The vm_udx “virtual module” is a software app that provides format conversions between SD, HD, 3G and UHD formats in the Lawo V__matrix ecosystem. In addition to up, down and cross conversion the vm_udx also provides audio embedding/de-embedding, proc amp and RGB/YUV color correction and color space conversion (SDR to/from HDR) functionality. Designed from the start for IP networking, the vm_udx app natively supports ST2022-6 and ST2110-20 IP video plus ST2110-30/-31/AES67 and Ravenna IP audio streams. Conversion between IP video and IP audio standards – ST2022 to ST2110, for example – is also possible. To ensure high availability, ST2022-7 hitless protection switching is natively supported.

The vm_udx app provides a format conversion engine capable of processing four SD, HD, 3G or one UHD path for IP and/or SDI signals. Each path provides audio embedding/de-embedding/shuffling functionality. Audio gain, delay and sample rate conversion can be accessed through independent processing blocks, which can be inserted at any point of the processing chain. Eight instances of broadcast quality RGB and YUV color correction and video proc are also available as processing blocks for use by any video source, whether SDI or IP, and available both pre- and post-format conversion.

For even more functionality, add the +HDR option to enable four instances of SDR<->HDR color space conversion using 3D lookup tables. A large selection of LUTs especially developed for live production are included, and custom LUTs can also be uploaded too. The included LUTs allow for conversion between SDR and HDR in HLG and PQ.

Product Specs

  • Four instances of up/down/cross conversion between SD/HD/4K (1 instance when converting to/from 4K)
  • Audio matrix with full audio embedding/de- embedding and shuffling between SDI/IP, IP/IP and SDI/SDI with ST2110- 30/-31/RAVENNA/AES67 support
  • Includes RGB/YUV color correction and proc-amp
  • 4K 12G-SDI single-link inputs/outputs when combined with the io_bnc rear-plates
  • Built-in programming, configuration and streaming telemetry capabilities
  • Deeply integrated management and control through Lawo vsmStudio provides baseband-like operation while maintaining all benefits of an IP system
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