V__matrix vm_avp SDI-to-IP Gateway


The vm_avp “virtual module” app is a versatile audio and video processing software application that provides routing, processing and glue functionality for the V__matrix eco-system — a complete IP infrastructure solution that also provides a multitude of audio and video processing functions.

In base form, vm_avp provides encapsulation and de-encapsulation of 3G, HD and SD-SDI (ST2022-6/7 only) to IP ST2022-6 and ST2110-20/21/30/31/40, making vm_avp is the logical choice for both gateway and purely IP-based A/V processing, providing up to 160 SDI<->IP conversions in 3RU. ST2022-7 seamless protection switching is standard, with IP stream format conversion and frame accurate video switching using destination-timed clean and quiet switching (MBB & BBM) with audio V-fade during switching.

To further expand the usefulness of vm_avp, several optional add-on licenses are available:

+audio – adds embedding/de-embedding and shuffling of audio from both IP and baseband I/O with sample rate conversion. 40 TX and RX instances of RAVENNA/AES67/ST2110-30/-31 streaming and an audio crossbar of 512 x 512.

+audio_matrix – an additional upgrade to the +audio option, the +audio_matrix option provides a total of 88RX and 128TX instances of RAVENNA/AES67/ST2110-30/-31 streaming and an increased audio crossbar of up to 5,312 x 5,312.

+madi – enables use of V__matrix BNC inputs and outputs to interface with MADI signals (AES10, 48kHz, 64 channels).

+fs – adds framesync, frame phaser, sample rate conversion and audio/video delay functionality for both IP and baseband video inputs; also provides Dolby-E® auto-alignment functionality.

+vc2 – adds visually lossless VC2/DiracPro ultra-low latency encoding and decoding; ST2042 low-delay profile.

+proc_cc – adds YUV & RGB color correction, test pattern generator/inserter, and test tone generator.

+12g – Adds support for 12 Gbps video standards and provides cross conversion capabilities between UHDTV1 Single-Link and Quad-Link.

Product Specs