UD Box 5G: An Ultra-Broadband 5G NR mmWave Frequency Converter (TMY Technology Inc.)

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Private: Taiwan Space Show 2021-2022

UD Box 5G is a bi-channel and broadband 5G NR mmWave frequency converter uilt for 5G mmWave applications, covering most 5G spectrum. It is able to upgrade the sub-6 GHz instruments to FR2 band which makes you save testing cost. It comprises the mixer(s), internal LO built by our excellent phase noise PLO and optional filters. Dual and Single-channel are available.

It is a useful device for baseband researchers and telecom carriers, which allows researchers verify the beam tracking algorithm and protocols by connecting BBox™ and UD Box to the baseband instrument such as NI USRP, as well as do Far Field Assessment Simulation for 5G mobile base station without spending huge amounts of budget respectively.

Product Specs

  • Up and down conversion in the same box
  • RF: 24-44 GHz/ IF: 0.01-14 GHz
  • Band: BPFs for 5G NR n257/n258/n260
  • LO Frequency: 24-44 GHz
  • High precision OCXO enables high-quality, low-noise built-in LO.
  • 100 MHz Sync Signal to synchronize multiple UD Box units.
  • 10 MHz Sync Signal for instrument synchronization.
  • Dimension: 120.6x152x65 mm
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