TSACO-3000 – Transport Stream Automatic Change Over Redundancy Switch

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The TSACO-3000 is a transport stream automatic failover switch and transport stream format converter all in one. The TSACO-3000 is compliant with both ATSC and DVB standards and is ATSC Mobile DTV Ready.

The TSACO-3000 enables broadcasters to automatically switch between a primary and backup transport stream in the event of a failure automatically preventing broadcasters from unexpectedly going off air as defined in the user configurable web interface.

It also converts transport streams between ASI, 310M & SMPTE 2022 Transport Streams over IP (TSoIP) formats. It accepts all three formats and will output all three formats simultaneously. It is controlled via a web server user interface and allows the user to configure trigger thresholds and monitor the unit status. Adhering to the concept of our TSACO family of products, the TSACO‑3000 is designed for easy operation.

The TSACO-3000 has GPI/O, dual power supplies for reliability and is field upgradable. Transport stream encapsulation, forward error correction and UDP/RTP de-encapsulation as defined by the SMPTE 2022-1 specification.

Product Specs

ü  Output signal maintains sync lock during switch transition so receivers don’t lose lock

ü  Primary & backup inputs accept ASI, 310M & TSoIP

ü  Automatically detects input format & packet-size

ü  All outputs active simultaneously

ü  Controlled viaweb server user interface

ü  User configurable switch triggers:  14 different parameters & return to primary

ü  Remote input select & status indicator via web server user interface

ü  Manual front panel input select & reset button

ü  Relay bypass on primary input

ü  Rear panel GPI/O connector

ü  Field upgradable

ü  Dual power supplies for reliability

ü  Save/Load user defined/power up configurations

ü  User login management controls

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