Studio CG


Studio CG is a powerful integrated solution that allows broadcasters to manage and control on-air graphics and videos, from one single interface, on newscasts and live studio shows.

Our studio solutions make it easy to manage your production workflow for news, sports, financial and entertainment shows.

Product Specs

Studio CG key features:

  • Integration with all the major graphic engines in the market
  • Intuitive data entry forms for manual input
  • Ability to easily create new graphic templates
  • Advanced intelligent scenes system
  • Integration with several newsroom systems
  • Integrates data from social network feeds and external data sources
  • Video server integration
  • Multiple videos outputs management
  • MAM integration
  • Controls external peripherals such as clocks, buzzers, lights and also works with GPI
  • Interacts with phone operators, receiving text and call-in votes and managing this data in real time
  • Integrates information from different voting systems (e.g. live audience feedback)
  • Supplies real-time lights, scoring and videowall feedback based on the contestants responses in real time
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